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Viome offers three sophisticated microbiome tests and several reasons why they are our 2022 Editors’ Choice for the best overall testing company for your gut microbiome, as well as the best for whole-health insights.

Viomes results pages are incredibly thorough. They offer deep and valuable insights that you can address on your own or — more preferably — with your doctor. This is especially true of the Full Body Intelligence Test, which may reveal syndromes or disorders you never knew you had and provide you with guidance on how you can address them.

Gut Intelligence Test

Viome’s Gut Intelligence test, the most affordable of the company’s tests at $149, analyzes the trillions of microorganisms in your gut more thoroughly than any other test in our guide. Included here are:

  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Bacteriophages (also simply called phages)
  • Viruses
  • Parasites
  • Archaea
Viome sequences the RNA of these microorganisms to tell you what is present in your gut — and in what quantities.

Other companies like Ombre and BIOHM offer valuable insights focused on bacteria or fungi, but these results provide a less specific picture than what you get from Viome.

Studies indicate that focusing on RNA rather than DNA can allow Viome to focus on the active microorganisms and what they’re doing. In this way, the whole picture of your gut microbiome becomes clearer. This makes sense if you recall that your microbiome is the genomic makeup of the microorganisms in your gut, and dead microorganisms leave DNA behind that can muddy the picture.

You can subscribe to Viome’s Precision Prebiotics and Probiotics plan ($59/month) — which delivers tailored prebiotics and probiotics to your door — as part of your Gut Intelligence Test purchase. With this subscription, you’ll also receive a free test kit every year to retest, allowing Viome to make changes to your personal formula as needed.

Full Body Intelligence Test

Viome’s most comprehensive test is their Full Body Intelligence Test, which takes all the insights you’d gain from their other tests and adds oral, cognitive, and cardiometabolic health to the picture. They do this with a simple saliva sample added to the stool and blood you’d give with their other kits.

At first glance, it might seem odd that your spit could tell you that much about your brain or your heart, but several studies back this up. One looks closely at a specific pathway known as the oral microbiome brain axis (OMBA). The OMBA modulates things like cranial inflammation and other physical aspects of your brain that can positively or negatively affect cognition. And another study defines a link between the balance of microbes in your mouth and your likelihood of cardiovascular disease.

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