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Seed Synbiotic

  • 2-in-1 capsule-in-capsule probiotic and prebiotic formulation
  • Targets digestive, cardiovascular, and dermatological health
  • 53.6 Billion AFU with clinically studied strains
  • Viability safeguarded through ViaCap® Delivery Technology
  • No refrigeration required, easy subscription model

Excellent 9.5

Seed DS-01: Your Gut Health Ally


This article offers a summary of online reviews and company information on the DS-01® Daily Synbiotic by Seed Health, Inc, a popular product designed to enhance gut and digestive health. We will delve into the essential details about the product, as well as provide links to pertinent online sources discussing the supplement.

    Seed Health, Inc.: Innovating Healthcare with Microbes

    Seed Health is an innovative company, founded by two entrepreneurs driven by the desire to meet unmet medical needs. They believe in the potential of microbes to minimize or even substitute our reliance on the current primary healthcare standard.

    The team comprises leading scientists, academic institutions, and physicians specializing in microbiology, immunology, genomics, diagnostics, and bioinformatics. There are numerous supporting institutions and ongoing scientific studies that attest to the quality and effectiveness of their products.

    Recently, the FDA authorized an Investigational New Drug (IND) application for DS-01® Daily Synbiotic, facilitating two clinical trials to enhance scientific support and product validation.

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    DS-01® Daily Synbiotic: A Unique Blend for Gut Health

    DS-01® Daily Synbiotic, owing to its unique technology, is a one-of-a-kind synbiotic, a combination of probiotic and prebiotic that can endure digestion.

    The outer capsule, made of pomegranate, serves as the prebiotic, dissolving in the stomach to allow the prebiotic fiber to navigate the digestive tract and nourish gut probiotic microbes. A distinctive inner capsule survives stomach acid, bile salts, and digestive enzymes, delivering 24 strains of probiotic bacteria to your colon.

    This distinctive feature sets Seed’s synbiotic apart from most probiotic supplements and fermented foods that struggle to survive the stomach’s highly acidic environment and deliver viable probiotics to the necessary regions.

    In addition to the probiotic blend, the prebiotic outer capsule acts as a barrier to oxygen, moisture, and heat, eliminating the need for refrigeration—unlike many probiotic supplements and fermented foods.

    The DS-01® Daily Synbiotic contains 24 strains of probiotic bacteria with a significant 53.6 AFU. Seed measures their probiotic activity using AFU (active fluorescent units), a more precise metric compared to the traditional CFU (colony forming units).

    Following the recommended usage guidelines, you should start with one capsule daily for the first three days. On the fourth day, or when ready, you can increase to the full dose of two capsules at once, daily. For maximum benefit, take the capsules on an empty stomach or at least 10 minutes before a meal.

    Potential Benefits of DS-01® Daily Synbiotic

    According to Seed’s website, the probiotic strains used in DS-01® offer a range of scientifically-supported benefits, including:

    • Digestive Health: Enhances gastrointestinal health, improves bowel movement regularity, reduces bloating, and supports healthy stool hydration and ease of evacuation.
    • Gut Barrier Integrity: Strengthens healthy tight junctions along the gastrointestinal walls.
    • Gut Immune Axis: Encourages healthy immune responses in the GI tract and fosters short-chain fatty acid production, nourishing the cells of the large intestine.
    • Cardiovascular Health: Helps maintain cholesterol levels within a healthy range and supports the healthy recycling of cholesterol and bile within the body.
    • Healthier Skin: Supports dermatological health via the gut-skin axis.
    • Micronutrient Synthesis: Aids the production of folate via intestinal synthesis of bioactive forms of folate and possibly supports the synthesis of Vitamin B12.
    • Maintains Gut Microbial Balance: Promotes a balanced gut metabolite.

    Advantages of DS-01® Daily Synbiotic

    • Stability: Shelf-stable at room temperature.
    • AFU Count: High AFU.
    • Capsule Design: Innovative approach ensuring maximum probiotic survival.
    • Diet-Friendly: Vegan.
    • Scientific Backing: Strains are scientifically supported.
    • Packaging: Uses reusable materials.
    • Education: Offers extensive resources for learning.
    • Potency: High potency formulation.
    • Ingredient Safety: Contains safe inactive components.

    Disadvantages of DS-01® Daily Synbiotic

    • Regulation: Not FDA-approved.
    • Cost: Might be too expensive for some potential users.

      With its significant number of favorable independent customer reviews, DS-01® Daily Synbiotic may be the right probiotic for you. However, individual responses can vary, and there may be sensitivities that can trigger GI issues. Thus, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor or certified nutritionist before consuming this supplement.

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