Bione Microbiome Test


Dr. Surendra Chikara formed Bione, a health-tech start-up based in India in 2019. This summary presents information about the Bione microbiome test. Bione offers a revolutionary direct-to-consumer at-home product called the microbiome test. This product enables users to gain a deeper insight into their overall gut health by providing them with a comprehensive overview of the bacteria present in their gut. Additionally, the product offers personalized dietary plans and lifestyle recommendations to help users optimize their gut health.

The company also offers a DNA kit. The Bione team consists of experts from global institutions and scientists domains of genomics, genetics, bio-IT, genome informatics, quality assurance, sales, marketing, genetic/nutrition/fitness counselling. It is unknown if the tests are available to consumers outside of Asia. Outside of customer reviews on Trustpilot (which are very positive overall), there are no structured reviews of the microbiome test from Bione. The cost of the test is 20,000 INR which comes out to be $243.12 in US currency and there is free delivery. Results may take 4-5 weeks after your sample is received by the lab.



Bione Test Process


Collecting a stool sample from the comfort of their own home is the first step for users to take the Bione microbiome test. They can then send the sample to Bione’s lab for analysis. Bione’s lab uses advanced technology to identify and map the bacteria present in the sample. The test is a simple and straightforward process. It is unclear what specific type of DNA analysis is done on the sample based on the company’s website. The data is processed to generate a personalized report for each user.

There is a complimentary 1-1 consultation with a health professional included with the report. The report contains detailed information about the bacteria present in the user’s gut, such as the type and abundance of each species. It also includes a personalized dietary analysis, which provides recommendations for optimizing the user’s gut health. For example, the report might recommend increasing the intake of certain foods or reducing the intake of others based on the user’s individual gut health profile. Additionally, the report offers lifestyle advice to further enhance gut health, such as getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, and reducing stress.

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The Bione microbiome test can be a resource for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of their gut health. By providing detailed insights into the bacteria present in the gut, as well as personalized dietary and lifestyle advice, the test helps users make informed decisions about their health. With the Bione microbiome test, users can take proactive steps to optimize their gut health and overall wellbeing.