Both Bloom and Kiala make green powders filled with nutrients and claimed health benefits to gut health among others. Bloom has the Greens and Superfoods powder while Kiala has the Super Greens powder. Both of these products have been extensively hyped on social media, especially Tik Tok. The following is a summary of online reviews of both products. I will give some information about the products as well as the links to the online sites that talk about the supplement in their reviews. The products can be purchased directly from the company websites and Amazon. 

This content is meant to be informative, but should not be taken as medical advice. It is not intended for use as diagnosis, prevention or treatment of health problems. Always speak with your doctor before starting any new supplement or exercise regimen.

What is the Bloom Greens and Superfoods Powder?

Bloom Nutrition launched in 2019, founded by married couple Mari Llewellyn and Greg LaVecchia. They felt there was a need in the supplement industry for “health supplements with high-quality ingredients that tasted delicious,” according to the company website. The Greens & Superfoods powder is the company’s best seller. With its “made for women, by women” slogan and approach.

One serving of Bloom Greens & Superfoods powder contains 15 calories but no listing of the amount of individual ingredients.

What are the Claimed Benefits of Bloom Greens and Superfoods Powder?

Bloom Greens & Superfoods claims to aid in digestion, bloating and immunity, although acknowledges on the back label that these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. Reviews also claim it provides skin, hair and nail benefits similar to collagen. Also claim a boost in energy. No scientific evidence is provided to back up these claims.

What is the Kiala Super Greens Powder?

Kiala Nutrition was founded by two men without a background in healthcare. Kiala Super Greens is marketed towards women and claims to be the “best tasting” greens powder blend out there. 

It is a comprehensive blend of “superfood” ingredients designed to optimize your health with each scoop containing several dehydrated ingredients blended together. One serving of Kiala Super Greens powder contains 20 calories. Unlike many other greens powders, this one does not contain gut health ingredients like probiotics or digestive enzymes. 

What are the Claimed Benefits of Kiala Super Greens Powder?

Kiala Super Greens claims to aid in digestion and gut health, reduce bloating, help immunity, boost energy, and promote clear skin although acknowledges on the back label that these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. No scientific evidence is provided to back up these claims.

Key Similarities Between the Bloom & and Kiala Greens Powders

Below are listed the general similarities between both products:

  • Based on their websites, there are no experts involved with either brand and there are no advisory boards or other scientific backing for either brand.
  • Both Products seem to have some degree of solubility issues that can leave grittiness. This looks like it can be remedied by using a shaker or blender.
  • Both products have reviews that mention bloating after using the product. It’s not uncommon to experience bloating or minor gastrointestinal distress when starting to take a new supplement; often, your body will go through an adjustment period as it gets used to things in the ingredients list that are new to you
  • Use of Proprietary Ingredient Blends:
    • Bloom Greens & Superfoods- 7 blends (fiber, green superfood, pre and probiotic, fruit and vegetable, antioxidant beauty, digestive enzyme and adaptogenic)
    • Kiala Super Greens- 2 blends (organic greens and antioxidant) as well as organic coconut water powder, natural flavors, and other ingredients
  • Use of Sweetener to Make Product Taste Better:
    • Bloom Greens & Superfoods- Uses the natural sweetener stevia leaf extract
    • Kiala Super Greens- Uses the artificial sweetener sucralose
  • Product comes in Multiple Flavors:
    • Bloom Greens & Superfoods- Comes in 7 flavors (berry, strawberry-kiwi, orange-passionfruit, coconut, citrus, original and mango)
    • Kiala Super Greens- Comes in 9 flavors (tropical splash, mixed berry, strawberry swirl, lemon drop, carnival candy, watermelon slush, sherbet swirl, green apple and Miami vice)

Because the amounts of each ingredient in a serving is not listed for either product, it is extremely likely that all ingredients are present in quantities too small to be able to carry out the claimed benefits.

Key Differences Between the Bloom & and Kiala Greens Powders

  • Third Party Testing
    • Bloom Greens & Superfoods- Does NOT use
    • Kiala Super Greens- DOES use (important)
  • Presence of Probiotics, Adaptogens and Digestive Enzymes
    • Bloom Greens & Superfoods- Yes
    • Kiala Super Greens- No
  • Level of Sweetness
    • Bloom Greens & Superfoods- May be too sweet with recommended serving size according to some reviews
    • Kiala Super Greens- Can be too sweet for 8oz serving, but just right with 12oz serving
  • Overall Taste
    • Bloom Greens & Superfoods- Varies from ok to bad mainly due to aftertaste
    • Kiala Super Greens- Mixed reviews, but overall pretty good

Without 3rd party testing, there is a possibility of heavy metal and other contaminants being present in the product without us having any idea.

Bloom Pros

  • High quality ingredients
  • Contains prebiotics and probiotics
  • Vegan, soy, dairy and gluten free
  • Uses a certified GMP facility for manufacturing
  • Subscription discounts

Bloom Cons

  • May be too costly for some individuals
  • May be too sweet for some individuals
  • Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women 
  • Amount of each ingredient not listed
  • Ingredients are most likely underdosed
  • Manufacturing facility processes tree nuts
  • Mixed reviews on effectiveness
  • Not third party tested
  • Amount of each ingredient not listed
  • Not FDA regulated

Kiala Pros

  • Dairy, soy, and gluten free
  • Third-party tested
  • Uses a certified GMP facility for manufacturing
  • Made in the USA
  • Subscription discounts

Kiala Cons

  • May be too costly for some individuals
  • Amount of each ingredient not listed
  • Ingredients are most likely underdosed
  • Uses artificial sweetener
  • Contains tree nuts
  • Not FDA regulated

Final Thoughts

The decision to use greens powders like Bloom Greens & Superfoods or Kiala Super Greens is quite personal and can vary based on individual needs, preferences, and circumstances. Greens powders are not a substitute for actually eating fruits and veggies, no matter how popular they are on TikTok or Instagram, but they can provide some of the benefits without having to eat salads all day. However, if you choose to use a greens powder, it is advisable to choose brands that are 3rd-party verified for quality assurance. This guarantee ensures that what you’re consuming is safe, effective, and aligns with the product’s stated claims.

The biggest problem with the Bloom product is the significantly small dosage of the ingredients. It’s a red flag that there are 30+ ingredients, but only 1 tablespoon per serving. Additionally, both products fail to list the exact amount of each ingredient per serving so it’s hard to believe there is enough for the claimed benefits to be achieved.

The Kiala product lacks probiotics and adaptogens, but If you are interested in these or other ingredients there are more effective supplements with transparent doses listed, so you know exactly what you are getting.

Based on product website and Amazon customer reviews, the Kiala Greens powder rates a little better than the Bloom Greens powder and I think most of that has to due with taste.

As with any gut health supplement there may be sensitivities that can be triggered that can cause GI issues so, we recommend that you consult with a doctor or certified nutritionist before consuming. In addition, as with any other probiotic it takes time and consistency, and overall results can vary from individual to individual.